Advanced Mind Mastery

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About Course

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Advanced Mind Mastery evolves from a concept for realizing the intentional power of thoughts and creating the lives you want to have. Using the power of your mind

you can translate your thoughts into reality. Invoking the eternal Law of Attraction, you can be successful in all your endeavors by manifesting your dreams. Tune your mind to positivity and to ward off all negative elements from your mind to transform your life by developing your communication skills. This program focuses also on communication skills that encompass speaking and active listening. Be the conscious creator of your life and destiny. You are responsible for everything in your life. Quality of our lives is determined by the number and quality of our interpersonal relationships.   Focus on personal finance management  so that families can lead a secure, happy and contented life with the resources you have. At the same time managing your emotions is an important life skill, which concentrates on the study of emotions- wanted and unwanted- and an understanding of what to express when. Let not your black emotions stand in the way of your happiness, your family and your career. This program will help to reframe, design and start your journey to success. This will  put you in place to measure and reward the abilities of you have to meet and exceed goals. This program covers topics like Law of Attraction, Relationship Mastery, Communication Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Emotional Management, Life Mastery, Management etc. Your subconscious mind is the best tonic you can ever have, the real nectar- amrita. You will learn how to train your subconscious mind systematically so that it knows only health and vigour and how to align your body well to your subconscious. The fountains of happiness are within and there are enough and more for a lifetime. Find out them, feel yourself in. Do not wait for others to make you happy.  

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  • 1: Day 01 Life Mastery

  • Lecture 1 AMM -01 23:49
  • Lecture 2 AMM -02 26:32
  • Lecture 3 AMM- 03 28:20
  • Lecture 4 AMM- 04 27:02
  • Lecture 5 AMM- 05 31:10
  • Lecture 6 AMM- 06 26:11
  • Lecture 7 AMM - 07 32:38
  • Lecture 8 AMM- 08 25:38
  • Lecture 9 AMM- 09 26:37
  • Lecture 10 AMM- 10 26:19
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