NLP Sales Mastery- An Overview

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sales Mastery guarantees you to excel in sales performance. This course will give you an overview, to enhance your sales skills and techniques,verbal and non-verbal communications skills, develop strategic planning skill, which will help to increase more sales and revenue to the organization.

Topics Covered in NLP Sales Mastery- An Overview:

Part 01: 

- What is NLP Sales Mastery

- Sales is the best job in the world

- Steps in Synergistic selling

- 10 legs of marketing, POGO, SPANGO

- The science of marketing, Type of selling, Marketing process and Sell the solution

- Unique Selling Proposition, 7 ways of follow up and Spirituality in sales

-7 Essentials in the sales profession and the Golden rule of personal selling

-Top SKILLS in sales and NEED and WANT

Part 02:

- Psychology of selling, Persuasion in sales and Primary tools of influence
- Success tactics to sales, Mind Reading, and Perceptual positions
- Non-verbal communication, 4 Zone distances and 6 Secrets of Attractive Body Language
- 6 Golden rules of body language, 10 Negative body languages, and Communication
- Effective listening, anchoring and 7 Deadly sins of sales
- High-performance habits, Key skills for performance and Time management
- Tele Marketing, Essentials of Sales pitch and Sales Presentation Skills
- Overcome objections, Hypnotic Selling and Sales Closing Techniques

Wish you all the best. Happy Selling.

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  • 1: NLP Sales Mastery Part 01

  • Lecture 1 What is NLP Sales Mastery ? 16:21
  • 2: NLP Sales Mastery Part 02

  • Lecture 2 Psychology of selling 25:04


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